Ordering, results, and help requests

Ordering and results

Log in to the Atlas Portal below for order entries and results reporting.

Atlas Portal help request form

Submit a help request using this form.

UI CareLink

UI CareLink provides physicians and other health care providers a secure and up-to-date online resource for following a patient’s treatment and progress.

Packaging, billing and payments, support

Packaging and shipping guidelines

Learn about packaging and shipping guidelines and requirements for specimens

Billing and payment

Learn about billing options and make payments by credit card

Support and assistance

Please read our support page to contact UIDL directly.

Supplies, instructions, requisitions

Supply orders

Supplies necessary for the transport of specimens to the UIDL for analysis, are available to all clients. Please click the button below to begin placing your order:

Specimen instructions

Learn about sending a testing request, specimen preparation, packaging, and transportation

Test requisitions

Download requisition forms to be used in UIDL online orders